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Developing Positive Habits

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What others have said about working with me:

  • "Fiona shares her own experience and being able to discuss habits and brainstorm with other like-minded people opens up your thinking."

  • "Every week I have a light bulb moment"

  • "I know that I can apply this to other even more challenging habits and expect to be successful there too"

What difference could the Developing Positive Habits Programme make for you?


Developing Positive Habits Programme

"Forget the small bucket with the hole in it you carry your willpower around in, this programme provides the whole toolkit and support to set your new habit(s) up. Fiona has created a practical, tried and tested programme: this is habit change that means business!"

This is a 12 week online series of workshops supporting participants to develop healthy habits by:

  • Helping to understand and build on the reasons behind the habit

  • Providing tips and tools to put simple, relevant processes in place

  • Maintaining accountability in a supportive setting

The programme includes:

  • One-to-one intensive coaching session

  • 6 one-hour workshops

  • Facebook group with daily tips and thoughts

  • E-mail support

Workshops will take place at 5:30pm on Wednesdays, starting on 26th January and one-to-one sessions will be arrange individually.

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