Bridge Over River

PIVOT programme

This is an eight week programme for women supporting partners with mental health issues, and the aims are:

  • To develop strategies to feel more in control of your situation and manage your time

  • To grow your resilience through difficult times

  • To consider your approach to self-care and creatively build a plan of action

  • To provide a safe, supportive and enjoyable space for you

It combines individual sessions with group workshops and participation in an online group for additional support.

Other women have said:

  • "It's been life changing for me Fiona. I feel positive for the first time in ages."

  • "I have more inner-calm and confidence that I will achieve further changes that will enhance other areas."

  • "I hadn’t expected to have such fun in the group setting, but she offered time, blending discussions of serious life “stuff” with smatterings of creative exercises, food for thought and encouragement."

What difference could this make for you?



PIVOT is a codeword that has helped me and a friend countless times. We decided to have a codeword, one word that we could send to each other to signal “I need help / a hug / someone who understands”.
Having watched hours of Friends together, PIVOT was our choice based on a favourite scene. It turned out that because of all the associations it had for us, just writing “PIVOT” started to make us feel a bit better.
And the more we used it, the more it worked!
What would your codeword be? Who would you use it with?