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What About You?

Free online workshop as part of Carers Week

When flying you are told in the safety briefing to put your own oxygen mask on first. But when you're caring for or supporting a loved one it can feel like there just isn't time to do this.

I've been there, and felt like I was drowning under the weight of pressure. Eventually I realised this:

Caring for yourself is essential to caring for others. What happens if you become too burnt out to help?

Help with Cooking

Coaching for Caregivers

The first step to caring for others is caring for yourself

By taking care of yourself you will mentally and physically be better able to give others the care and support you want to give.


Is caring for or supporting someone making you overwhelmed, lonely, exhausted, confused, to name but a few?

It is a time when you could benefit from support yourself, you just don't know where to get it, or how to find the time.

I know because I've been through it and can share everything I've learnt to give you:
+ Strategies to take back control
+ Resilience in the face of conflicting priorities
+ Ways to look after yourself - guilt free
+ A safe, relaxed, supportive and enjoyable space for you

Holding Hands
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Fiona provided a unique safe sharing space in which to relax with others, to learn from insightful content which was delivered and facilitated with a lovely, understanding manner. I hadn’t expected to have such fun in the group setting, but she offered time, blending discussions of serious life “stuff” with smatterings of creative exercises, food for thought and encouragement. Her 1:1 coaching sessions were also an opportunity to delve into finding ways forward in practical ways. It’s great to be able to think differently about the life issues we discussed.

Fiona’s programme has offered me so much support at a crucial time. Thank you Fiona.


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